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Instructional Materials for ASD Learners

We are on a mission to make learning a easy and fun for children with Autism and other developmental disorder.  With just a click of a button, you can now have access materials designed by our team of Autism Professionals.  We combine input from Behavior Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Parents and Teachers.  The result is an easy to use, in-expensive, stress-free...EFFECTIVE curriculum for improving verbal, academic, fine-motor, and social skills in children with Autism ages 3-10.

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Worksheets Make Group Based Learning a Breeze!

Make handwriting easy with visual cues  to improve sizing and spacing abilities. 

Visual models to help students understand the directions. 

Easily keep track of work samples 

with built in labels.

We include real and illustrated pictures to improve generalization skills and keep students engaged!! 

Data Tracking Made Simple...

Visual Performance

Visual Literacy is the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning of information presented in imagery.  This is a critical skill area for children with ASD.  

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Receptive Language

Receptive Language is the ability to understand the words, sentences and meaning of what others say or what is read. Find resources for teaching these skills.  

Listen & Respond

Engaging in conversation requires the ability to listen to the speaker and respond verbally.  We have assembled a wealth of materials for teach and pracitice these skills daily.  

Early Readers

Learning to read opens a child's world to millions of new possibilities.  From phonics to reading comprehension, we have everything you'll need right here! 


Our handwriting materials are one of a kind. Visual reminders show children where to place the pencil and which way to go.  We also include auditory directions.  

Behavior Support

Children with ASD often require supportive instruction to replace problematic behaviors with skills that help them access their environment positively.  Find resources here to help you manage behavior more effectively!


Word Families

Math Skills

Learning simple math skills are critical for success in school and in a child's everyday life.  Find resources for counting, adding and more!

Social Skills

Teaching social skills is critical to all education programs for those on the spectrum.  To accomplish this, you should incorporate daily lessons, visual reminders, and facilitate opportunities to practice.  Here you will find social skills lesson plans, social stories, visual helpers and much more!

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