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Behavioral Consulting Services for Autism Specific Classrooms

Services We Offer

Model Classroom Set-Up

Sensory Room Design

Behavior Plans

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Compliance Training

Live Modeling

Data Monitoring

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Teaching Teachers To Teach Autistic Learners...

Autism Complete's consulting services are designed to benefit autism professionals in all educational settings.  This includes public and private schools, daycares, homeschools and etc.  We provide direct classroom support to decrease problem behaviors and increase learning and rigor.  Consultants instruct teachers on behavior modification strategies, differentiated instruction techniques, easy and effective data collection tools, and overall best practices for teaching children on the spectrum.  


Our consultants also advise school administrators and board members on issues concerning autism and education.  With hands on learning and a commitment to excellence in education, Autism Complete will help create knoweledgeable and effective interdiscplinary teams throughout your school district.  

Professional Learning Courses

Better Behavior Today

Behavior Management Strategies for Autism Secific Classrooms

This 2-part course will give Autism professionals an applicable knowledge of the princiles which make Aplied Behvaior Analysis a safe and effective treatment for Autism.  ABA principles can be used to foster basic school readiness skills such as attending to a speaker, listening and responding to verbal stimuli and following classroom routines and procedures.  Participants will learn how ABA can empower students with autism to behave appropriately in a school setting.  They will also "make & take" behavior modification tools designed by our team of specialist.

Creating an Academically Engaging Setting

Increase Incidences of Learning & Rigor in Your Classroom

This course is centered around incidental teaching as an effective instructional method for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Participants will learn how to use incidental teaching to improve student performance in the following areas: communication, written expression, & reading.  

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