Backyard Jam Session
Oct 03, 2020, 2:00 PM
Autism Complete

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For Autism Awareness Month 2015, Autism Complete, LLC set a goal to provide much needed REST AND RELAXATION to a few deserving Autism Moms in the Atlanta area!! In Partnership with D'Lor Salon and Spa, and with the help of donations from people        across America, Autism Complete sponsored a luxurious Spa Party for five WellDeserving Autism Moms!  

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Here's Why.....

"Mothers of children with autism reported spending at least two hours more each day care-giving than mothers of neurotypical children. They were also interrupted at work on average one out of every four days compared to less than one in 10 days for other moms. Lastly, mothers of children with autism were twice as likely to be tired and three times as likely to have experienced a stressful event.


“On a day-to-day basis, the mothers in our study experience more stressful events and have less time for themselves compared to the average American mother,” stated Leann Smith, a developmental psychologist working on the study. “We need to find more ways to be supportive of these families.”


What Do Mothers Of Children with Special Needs and Combat Soldiers Have In Common?

Jacob and Joshua Cook are seven year old twin boys who are both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  They are truly some of the most adorable, loving children you will ever meet.  Jacob and Joshua greet their teachers at Fickett Elementary School each day with a huge smile and hug!!  That's why Autism Complete chose these two as recipients of our first efforts to help autistic children attend summer camp! 


Thanks to donations from all over the U.S., Jacob and Joshua attended Kidology Summer Camp, in Atlanta, Ga!!  They participated in dozens of fun activities; all in the company of typically developing peers. If you are familiar with the nature of Autism, then know that this opportunity was literally life changing!!







Sending Autistic Children To Camp!!

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