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Behavioral Consulting Services for General Education Classrooms

Empowering Educators  Impacting Education

Our consulting services are designed to give teachers common sense solutions to decrease behaviors and increase learning and rigor.  Consultants provide training and support for classroom behavior management systems, accommodations and modifications, assessment techniques, data tracking, RTI (Response to Intervention), differentiated instruction, de-escalation techniques, and much more!  Our staff has experience with children with Autism, Emotional Behavioral Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities and sever behaviors.  

Services We Offer

Behavior Plans

Compliance Training

Classroom Support

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Professional Learning Courses

Autism for Dummies...

What Every Educator Needs to Know About Autism

As of 2015, 1 in 45 school-aged children has Autism Specturm Disorder.  Autism for Dummies is a short course packed with all the important things that teachers should know about Autism.  Participants will learn the most common characteristics and deficit areas for children with Autism.  They will also learn how these deficits impact a child's learning and access to the general education setting.  

Real Reinforcement

Preventing Bad Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

Too often teacher's epend entirely too much time correcting bad behavior with negative consequences.  This practice is both outdated and ineffective at creating a safe and nurturing learning environment.  Autism Complete designed 'Real Reinforcement' to showe ducators how to use positive rewards to encourage students behave well, work harder, and learn more

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